Cookie policy

Cookie policy uses Cookies to help make your experience on our website as good as it possibly can be. Cookies are simple text files that Internet browsers use and they help us to give you a much more personalised experience when on site.

Each Cookie contains small amounts of information which are stored on your computer, mobile phone or whatever device you may be using to visit our site. Whenever you visit, our website retrieves this cookie and it tells us what your preferences are.

How we use cookies

We use Cookies to deliver a better service to you. The ways in which we use them are:

  • To allow you to log in to your account, make deposits & withdrawals and use the services on the site
  • To allow you to choose certain login preferences wherever available
  • To monitor your activity when on the website, helping us improve our service to you
  • To help protect against fraudulent activity

This is just a small sample of how cookies help us help you. There are more, but these are the important ones.

Cookies are often essential to the operation of a website. This is true in our case – without them, you wouldn’t be able to log in or play in the games. Below is a full list of exactly how your cookies work and why they’re essential:

Session cookies – We have to be able to monitor when you’re logged in. It’s the law. So these cookies are essential to allow you the use of the website. They also help manage your session information and let you navigate the different sections of the website.

Functionality & Preferences – Your preferences are important to how we provide a better service to you, so our Functionality cookies store information based on your previous choices. They remember your choice of language on the site, which games you enjoy playing, when your last visit was, etc. They also help us recognise when you’ve been sent messages or what offers you may be entitled to.

Prevention of Fraud – This goes without saying. We have to protect you from fraud and Cookies help us do that.

Traffic Management – Traffic cookies help us track information about how players arrived at our website, meaning we can make better use our promotions and make better decisions on how we grow as a business.

Any links that you may see to on other websites will most likely be using their own cookies, meaning we have no control over the information they are storing on your PC. We only have access to the information stored in the Cookie that comes from our website and no others.

Manage your cookies

If you’re not too sure about Cookies then you have total control over whether or not you allow them to be stored on your system. We have to make a point that if you do not allow cookies to be stored on your system from us then you won’t be able to use our services, as they are crucial to the operation of the website.

You can clear your cookies in your Web Browsers system tools, as well as changing your privacy settings to allow or do not allow cookies in the future.

We also recommend that you visit if you have any more questions about cookies.

We also recommend that you read our Privacy Policy to see how we keep your details safe and secure, but also how we use them to make your experience with us even better.